SRL Fainters

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Reference Does

Twilight Acres Claire TWA

April 27, 2007-Brown eyes-100% Fainting

MGR Reg. #: B2695

Sire: Faint Hope Acres Jack Frost

Dam: Tumbleweed's Daisy Mae

Claire is white with irregular black spots. She is a true matriarch. Check out her kids. I have two does in the flock and used a son of hers. He sold in the winter of 2018 but I may keep a buckling of his. 

She is the dam of Cayenne, Clementine and Joker.

Caprine Falls Minnie CFM

25 April 2009-Brown Eyes

Sire:Riding Mountain Treasures Calypso RMT

Dam: Faint Hope Acres Purple Haze

Graham's first registered Fainting doe. She was the best. 

Dam of May.

Grand dam of Jackson.

Louise at Goats R Us

Louise was the goat that started it all in the Fainting department of Goats R Us. She was another favourite of mine. She had quadruplet doelings of which Echo was one of. 

She is the dam of Echo.

Grand dam of Eva.

March 25, 2009-Brown eyes-100% Fainting

MGR Reg. #: B2700

Sire: Faint Hope Acres Jack Frost

Dam: Caprine Falls Isabelle

Fanta is the shy one of the 2 but still quite friendly. She is much smaller than Nell. She is also out of one of my favourite does that Erin(Caprine Falls) had. I really like the does that are out of Tumbleweed's Zorro. They are smaller but still have the meat goat look to them which is important as that is what Fainting goat's are supposed to look like. I think I should rename Fanta either whiner or cackling hen. When you enter the goat pen, she is bleating at you the entire time. She is always looking for oats... Fanta had a stroke I believe and died the following day. Unfortunately I was unable to keep any doelings from her. She was supposed to live longer.

April 12, 2007-Brown eyes-100% Fainting

MGR Reg. #: B2698

Sire: Tumbleweed's Little Bear

Dam: Twilight Acres Purdy


Pixie is a almost solid black doe who prefers to keep her distance. She is also a old goat but looks as spry as ever. And she is. She got out and I was huffing and a puffing from trying to chase her in...she finally followed her baby in. She is the mother of Trixie and littermate to Twilight Acres Popeye owned by Erin at Caprine Falls. She stiffens on the occasion when I happen to startle her. I can never seem to get a good picture of Pixie...a slight improvement. SOLD! Thank you Cody Collins...I guess for twisting my arm.

Dam of Trixie.

?/?/2012-brown eyes-100% Fainting

MGR Reg. # pending

Sire: Unknown

Dam: Unknown


A friendly old girl that I purchased this summer.  Unfortunately Granny decided to stick her head through the fence and did not get it out. I did not find her time and she died due to her choking/hypothermia. I guess not all is lost as I have her buckling still.

Dam of Carmel.

Goats R Us Echo

2 April 2011-Blue eyes-100% Fainting

MGR Reg. #: 3498

Sire: Caprine Falls Rusty

Dam: Louise at Goats R Us

Height: 24"

I forgot about Echo. She is my favourite doe! Hopefully some of her kids will carry the blue eyes on!! She faints really well. She is also one of four. Yes. Quadruplets that were all doelings! She is also out of Rusty. 

Dam of SRL Fainters Eva.