SRL Fainters

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All Fainting Bucks are registered with the Myotonic Goat Registry(MGR). You can view their pedigrees online at  Type in their name and click on the slow search option. Then hit the search button. 

Caprine Falls TJ

May 17, 2014-brown eyes-100% Fainting

MGR Reg. #: C6348

Sire: Caprine Falls Cosmo CFM

Dam: Caprine Falls Twinkle CFM

Height: Approx. 22-23"

Weight: 110lbs

A plain looking buck. He is white with just a few black spots. He will live up to Rusty's temperament but not colour! TJ should sire small kids and ones that faint quite well considering his sire was Rusty's half brother. Twinkle, TJ's dam, is a half sister to one of my brother's does who happens to be one of my favourites!  TJ has become my favourite buck...they got out one day as for whatever reason I forgot to turn the fencer back on. I was on my way to get the oats and walked by where they were...TJ followed me looking for treats and the rest followed. He is a good buck!!!! 

Oracheski's Carmel

April 1, 2017-blue marbled eyes-100% Fainting

Sire: unknown

Dam: Cold Lake Granny

An unregistered buckling that I was not going to keep out of a flock dispersal that I purchased this summer. However, demand for bucks seems to soften towards the fall so I figured because he has: a) colour b) faint-ability c) thickness...why not use him? I need colour in the flock so might as well. I was observing Carmel one day and noticed he has BLUE eyes...colour and blue eyes. A nice two for one deal!  

Goats R Out Mac

May 12, 2017-brown eyes-100% Fainting

Sire: Margo

Dam: Goats R Out Princess

A buckling I purchased from my cousin. He is a good fainter and has a bit more black on him than TJ. He is unregister-able.

Northstar Gems Carleton NSG

May 10, 2018-blue eyes-100% Fainting

MGR Reg. #: B7231

Sire: Riding Mountain Treasures Rumour

Dam: Riding Mountain Treasures Copy Cat

Weight: 170lbs

The new buck I purchased in June. He is a thick, deep-bodied, meat machine! Commerical meat producers take NOTE!!! Look for his kids next spring to sire some thick Fainting X meat kids. Fainting goats are noted for their high meat to bone ratio. Look up Dr. Phil Spoenburg. He has completed extensive research on many rare and endangered local breeds of North America. 

SRL Fainters Jackson SRL

April 29, 2018-brown eyes-100% Fainting

MGR Reg. #: D7112

Sire: TWA Joker

Dam: GRU May


Tri-coloured-black, tan, and white. He is just like his mama. He is quiet and faints extremely easy. We will see if he develops long hair like his sire and full brother. Can't wait to see how he matures. He won't see use this winter but maybe next year. 

Reference Bucks

Caprine Falls Rusty

February 4, 2009-Blue eyes-100% Fainting

MGR Reg. #: A8199

Sire: Praire Gardens Oliver

Dam: Caprine Falls Violet

My brothers first fainting buck has come home. I have yet to see a fainting buck that will replace Rusty as #1. He throws a plethora of colours and is friendly and quiet and not to forget, a good fainter. Rusty succumbed to old age. He started to look really rough and then he just lost his energy. It will be hard to replace him. 

Sire of Echo and Coconut.

Caprine Falls Turbo

14 March 2012-Brown eyes-100% Fainting

MGR Reg. #: C3279

Sire: Caprine Falls Rudy

Dam: Karwash Farms Tillie

The sire of Joker and Jewel. He was sold to Lorne Macor.

Half-brother to sire of Harriet and Reba.

Caprine Falls Cord

11 May 2010-Brown eyes-100% Fainting

MGR Reg. #: B4953

Sire: Caprine Falls Cody

Dam: Caprine Falls Cocoa

Sire of May and Mickey.

Maternal brother to Harriet and Reba.

Twilight Acres Joker TWA

19 April 2014-Brown eyes-100% Fainting

MGR Reg. #: C3796

Sire: Caprine Falls Turbo

Dam: Twilight Acres Claire

Height: Approx. 24-25"

Joker is long haired, a fainter and a little on the shy side. Looking forward to his kids next year. For whatever reason Joker seems to be calming down as he gets older. He now will come up to the fence and bleat at me as I go about my daily chores. We have had 4 kid crops off him and they all faint and are different patterns. Some of his kids inherit the long hair. 

Sire of Sea Salt and Jackson.


Owned by Caprine Falls. 

Photo courtesy of Erin Orchard of Caprine Falls.

Sire of SRL Fainters Countess' Beauty.