SRL Fainters

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SRL Fainters was established in 2014 and strives to raise quality Fainting goat stock in North Central Alberta. The flock began with the purchase of the nucleus of the Twilight Acres breeding flock. They consist of primarily small to medium sized Fainting goats and all are prime fainters. Prior to this purchase, I have managed my brother's herd, Goats R Us, for the past two years while he was away for college and work. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to grow up on a working cow-calf operation where I am currently still. I graduated in 2014 from R.F. Staples Secondary School. 

In the summer of 2016 I was given the opportunity to take my pick of my brother's herd before they went public as he was dispersing. That has doubled my flock and I am looking forward to providing excellent pets and breeding stock for those interested in the Fainting breed.

I have added the tentative breedings to the does page. Each doe has the buck that she will be exposed to. Bucks will go out December 2, barring any disaster, which means a May 7, 2018 kidding date I believe.

 Also, offering for sale at the end of the 2017/18 breeding season----TWILIGHT ACRES JOKER---long haired, black and white, proven buck. 3 years old and breeding every one of those three. He has sired two kid crops at Goats R Us and one here at SRL Fainters. He has done his job and I plan on keeping a buckling out of him. So we'll see what happens. More details to come when he is finished breeding. Stay tuned.

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